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Application Advantages Of Vanadium Batteries

wallpapers News 2021-01-29
Vanadium powder is a silver-white metal. It is soluble in nitric acid, aqua regia and concentrated sulfuric acid. It is used as an additive for fast neutron reactor jacket materials, superconducting materials and special alloys. Need to be sealed and preserved.
Vanadium is a silver-gray metal. The melting point is 1919±2℃, which belongs to the list of rare metals with high melting point. Its boiling point is 3000-3400℃, and the density of vanadium is 6.11 grams per cubic centimeter.
Application advantages of vanadium batteries
One. As the place where the reaction occurs, the stack is separated from the storage tank that stores the electrolyte, which fundamentally overcomes the self-discharge phenomenon of traditional batteries. The power only depends on the size of the stack, and the capacity only depends on the electrolyte storage and concentration. The design is very flexible; when the power is constant, to increase the energy storage capacity, you only need to increase the volume of the electrolyte storage tank or increase the volume or concentration of the electrolyte. Yes, there is no need to change the size of the stack; the purpose of "instant charging" can be achieved by replacing or adding charged electrolyte. It can be used to build energy storage power stations ranging from kilowatts to 100 megawatts, with strong adaptability. 
Two. Good charging and discharging performance, high power charging and discharging can be carried out, floating charging and deep discharge are also allowed. For lead-acid batteries, the greater the discharge current, the shorter the battery life; the deeper the depth of discharge, the shorter the battery life. Even if the discharge depth of the vanadium battery reaches 100%, it will not affect the battery. Moreover, vanadium batteries are not prone to short circuits, which avoids safety issues such as explosions caused by short circuits. 
Three. The number of charging and discharging is extremely large, and the theoretical life span is countless. The charge-discharge time ratio is 1:1, while the lead-acid battery is 4:1. Moreover, the charging and discharging switching response speed of vanadium batteries is fast, less than 20 milliseconds, which is very conducive to balanced power supply. 
Four. The energy efficiency is high. The energy efficiency of DC to DC can reach more than 80%, while the lead-acid battery is only about 60%. The state of each unit battery in the vanadium battery pack is basically the same, and maintenance is simple and convenient. 
Fives. It has great freedom of site selection and small area. The system can be fully automatic and closed operation without acid mist or acid corrosion. The electrolyte can be reused, has no emissions, is simple to maintain, and has low operating costs. It is a green energy storage technology. Therefore, for renewable energy power generation, vanadium batteries are an ideal substitute for lead-acid batteries.