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Precautions for using FBA


Precautions for using FBA

How much commission will Amazon charge when FBA returns goods?

Generally speaking, when the buyer returns the goods from FBA shipping, Amazon will deduct 20% of the seller's commission and return the remaining 80% to the seller. Partial refund and full refund are calculated in the same way.

How to deal with the goods returned by Amazon?

If the goods are returned to the Amazon FBA warehouse, the platform determines that your products can still be sold, and will put them back into inventory, but will not be compensated. If the product is damaged and cannot be sold again during the return process, and the responsible party for this result is Amazon, the platform will compensate you, and the product will not be released from inventory for sale. However, if the party responsible for the damage is not Amazon, the platform will not bear any responsibility, and the products will also be added to the nonsaleable inventory.

Will FBA charge for returns?

Generally, if the buyer requests to return the goods, the platform will be given a 20% Commission. The seller does not need to pay additional fees. FBA will collect the returned parts for free. However, FBA will charge more for the following categories (clothing, watches, jewelry, shoes, bags, sunglasses and luggage).

In addition, there are other considerations when using FBA

1. In the background, the seller first sends the FBA listing to convert the transportation mode.

2. Confirmation of customs duties and customs clearance documents before delivery: name of goods, customs code, material and purpose of goods, pictures of goods, etc. Due to the requirements of the U.S. Department of Commerce, all goods now imported into the United States must have the origin mark! (Made in China)

3. Product weight and package size. It is suggested that the seller's friends should accurately fill in the product weight and packaging size because this factor will affect the subsequent FBA expenses. If there is too much difference, the FBA warehouse will recalculate. Of course, if you increase the product weight and package size, the FBA warehouse may not change the accounting, so the seller will have to bear more expenses.

4. Product label and carton label. It is recommended to use a laser printer to print the label, and pay attention to whether the label is consistent with the actual object.

5. Track receipt quantity. You need to ensure that the stock in quantity is consistent with the ex-factory quantity.

6. Barcode. Barcode damage directly affects your product warehousing.

7. Packing requirements. Amazon has its own packing standards. If it exceeds its standards, it is likely to be returned to China.

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