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90kW CCS2 GB/T plug DC EV charging station

wallpapers News 2021-04-28
Grasen smart, fast 90KW CCS2 GB/T DC fast charger with TUV CE certification is popular in European countries, it supports OCPP 1.6, can increase the cruising range of 84 miles in 30 minutes, and can be used for two cars at the same time Fast charging time.
Features of 90kW CCS2 GB/T plug DC EV charging station
1. Output power -90KW
2. Connector-CCS combo 2 and GB/T
3. Networking mode: 4G, Ethernet
4. Support OCPP 1.6J
5. Standards-European and Chinese or other required standards
6. Suitable for public parking lots, bus stations, gas stations, expressway service areas

How fast is the level 3 charger?
The 3-level charger (usually called DC fast charging) is charged through a 400V-750V direct current (DC) plug. Most 3-level chargers can provide 80% of the power in 30 minutes.
The 90KW CCS GB/T DC EV charging station is suitable for all CCS and GB/T electric cars/buses/truck, and is combined with CCS Combo 2 and GB/T, dual connector, fast charging station.
GRASEN DC fast charger includes charging module, display, smart meter, HMI, communication module, charging connector, management and cabinet.
DC fast charging stations provide electric vehicle owners with the opportunity to charge their vehicles safely and quickly. A typical electric car with a 24kWh battery pack may need to be charged for 20 minutes to quickly charge to reach 80% of its capacity.

Meituan Raises $10 Billion To Invest in Drones and Self-driving Cars
Meituan once received investment from Tencent, and the company's current market value has reached 220 billion U.S. dollars. The company said it plans to use the latest combat readiness funds to invest in self-driving delivery vehicles, delivery drones and other cutting-edge technologies.
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Luoyang Grasen Power Technology Co., Ltd is a professional AC home charger and DC fast charger EV super charger manufacturer for 11 years in China, the charging connectors can be any two of CCS1/CCS2/CHAdeMO/GBT. Please enter our website for more information: https://www.grasen.com. Please send email to sales@grasen.com for inquiry.