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Characteristics of SKF rolling bearing

wallpapers News 2021-09-24
Rolling bearing
SKF bearing is a kind of precision component, widely used in various fields, according to the structure or type is divided into many kinds, and according to the friction properties to classify the most common is rolling bearings and sliding bearings, the two are also different.
Rolling bearing is the running of the shaft and the sliding friction between the shaft seat into rolling friction, to reduce the friction loss of precision mechanical components rolling bearings are generally composed of inner ring outer ring rolling body and cage four parts, the role of the inner ring is to match with the shaft combined with the shaft rotation. The outer ring is matched with the bearing seat and plays a supporting role. The rolling body distributes the rolling body evenly between the inner ring and the outer ring using the cage, and its shape, size, and quantity directly affect the service performance and life of the rolling bearing. The cage can make the rolling body evenly distributed and guide the rotation of the rolling body to lubricate.
Characteristics of rolling bearing
1. Significant energy saving.
Due to the characteristics of the rolling bearing's movement, its friction force is far less than that of sliding bearing, which can reduce the power consumption of friction resistance, so the energy-saving effect is significant. From the theoretical analysis and production practice, the power saving of general small ball mill with rolling bearing is 30%~35%, the power saving of medium ball mill is 15%~20%, and the power saving of large ball mill is 10%~20%. Since the ball mill itself is large energy consumption in production, this will mean considerable cost savings.
2. Convenient maintenance, reliable quality.
Using  SKF bearings,rolling bearing,can save babbitt material melting, casting, and scraping tile and a series of complex maintenance processes with high technical requirements as well as oil supply, water supply cooling system, so the maintenance amount is greatly reduced. And because rolling bearings are manufactured by professional manufacturers, the quality is often guaranteed. Also, bring convenience to the ball mill manufacturers.